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6565 Interchange Rd. Lehighton, PA 18235


Sinking boats and hungry folks,

                    riddles and clues we hope you

                    can use to...


                             Escape it!

Don't Believe Us? Check out these Escapes!


 Who should play?   


This is truley a game for everyone, or at least school students to geezers. Groups of four or more make it more exciting. Still not convinced? Check out our Leaderboard!


Family & Friends

Nothing brings a family closer together than being locked in a room together. Put the technology down and put your mind to work.


Gamers & Enthusiasts

Step outside of the comfort of your living room and step into a real live game that will challenge the most hardcore gamer.



What better way to build teamwork than to be stuck in a room for an hour. Co-workers must put their heads together to figure out a solution and learn to work together to escape.


Looking to Have a Birthday Party?

You've come to the right place, check out our Birthday Party Page to find out what's included!


Start Swimming

You're locked inside the smoking lounge aboard the Titanic and need to get out and get to a life boat before it...




You stumble upon a hunting cottage and quickly realize its a bank robber's hideout. Will you get out before he returns?

Escape from the local small town jail before the warden comes back from his lunch.

Ever wanted to explore the Abaddon Hotel featured in the Hell House LLC Franchise? Check out this one of a kind experience!