Who should play?   


This is truley a game for everyone, or at least school students to geezers. Groups of four or more make it more exciting. Still not convinced? Check out our Leaderboard!



Family & Friends

Nothing brings a family closer together than being locked in a room together. Put the technology down and put your mind to work.


Gamers & Enthusiasts

Step outside of the comfort of your living room and step into a real live game that will challenge the most hardcore gamer.




What better way to build teamwork than to be stuck in a room for an hour. Co-workers must put their heads together to figure out a solution and learn to work together to escape.


The Unsinkable

You're locked inside the smoking lounge aboard the Titanic and need to get out and get to a life boat before it...




A fun night out turns into a nightmare when you are kidnapped!   Blindfolded and handcuffed, you find yourself locked in a freezer.  You quickly realize your body parts are worth more than your life!!  Will you find a way to escape or be stuck in Cold Storage. 


Find yourself in a world full of magic, where anything is possible. Cast a spell, mix a potion, and do whatever it takes to escape their lair. Who knows what spell they'll cast on you when they return.